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Our class is called Chestnuts, a name chosen by the children themselves. We are a mixed Reception, year 1 and 2 class. We have access to two fabulous learning areas, one of which encourages the children to learn through continuous provision with a range of activities that are suited to their needs and interests within subject. The second learning area is used for teaching input and formal learning. Both classrooms have a vibrant and fun feel, created by displays of excellent work, supportive resources and class values.

I, Mrs Barnes am the class teacher for Chestnut and teach across both of the learning areas. I am supported by Mrs J. Inwards my Teaching Assistant. We work brilliantly as a team to communicate effectively to ensure all children are challenged and supported as necessary.

In Chestnut class, we appreciate and value that every child is unique. We understand that we learn using different techniques and at varied paces. We incorporate team work, partner work and individual tasks, to show off both our own skills and supporting peers within our classroom.

We explore and develop the skills of the foundation subjects through a range of ‘inquiry’ based topics. These will begin by a discussion as to what the children already know about the subject and what they would like to find out. From these opening discussions we will focus on the subject skills, but through the children’s interests.

In chestnut class the children designed and created their own class charter, including values such as; be kind to each other, listen to one another, use kind words, be polite and use manners. This allows the classroom to be a fun, safe and welcoming for all children.

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