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W.B. 30.12.20

We’ve begun some new work on a DT project this week. As the festive season is upon us, for this textile project, we’ve decided to make a Christmas tree decoration. So far we’ve spent some time creating a design brief, analysing existing products and finding out how they are constructed. We’ve also spent quite a bit of time learning and practising 4 basic sewing stitches. The children have now decided what Christmas decoration they would like to make and how they would like to change it to make it different from the original. Fabric, decoration and stitch type have been finalised so next week the making can commence! In Celebration Assembly this week, two people were recognised for their exceptional effort in writing. We’re coming to the end of our work on  a warning story and both Maisie and Tyler have shown great focus and improvement when writing both their innovated and independent pieces. Well done to both of you, such excellent demonstrations of reach and resilience.



W.B. 23.11.20

We’ve continued this week with our explorations into the workings of the human body. We found out more about the digestive organs and recreated the functions of the stomach and intestines. The children acted as the teeth to tear (chew) some bread and put it into the freezer bag, which represented the stomach. We then poured tonic water into the bag to represent the bile that helps to break down the food. The children then had  great fun squishing the food and water together in the bag to recreate what the stomach and muscles in the stomach do to break down the food further. Next we put the mashed up food into a pair of tights and the children took turns squeezing the liquid out, representing what the large intestines do as the food continues to pass through our bodies. In the end we were left with what our body expels as solid waste when we go to the toilet! On a different note, Flynn was recognised in celebration assembly this week for using feedback and marking to help improve his work further. This shows resilience and reach Flynn so very well done.

W.B. 16.11.20

Finding out more about the human body has been the focus for a lot of our afternoon sessions this week. Our science topic for this half term involves finding out more about digestion and we’ve started this week by looking at our teeth. We spent time learning about the different types of teeth and their function. We then ate an apple and as we did so, described the teeth that we were using and how they were helping us to eat the fruit. After this we investigated why brushing our teeth is important and experimented with eggshell to represent tooth enamel. We put the eggshell into different liquids and found that those that contain sugar can damage tooth enamel because of the acid that they contain. The eggshells became soft, stained and in some cases almost dissolved completely. With our new understandings about teeth, we are also able to identify from a skull, whether an animal was carnivore, herbivore or omnivore. Maisie was recognised in Celebration Assembly this week for her consistently high standard of presentation across all curriculum areas. An excellent example of ‘reach’, Maisie, well done.

W.B. 09.11.20

This week we’ve moved on from learning about the Celts to finding out about the Roman invasion in Britain and  what life was like in the country following this. We’ve tied this in with English and have written the persuasive text ‘Invade Britain!’ in which we convinced the reader that there were many reasons to conquer including plentiful resources, a high population of people that could be used as slaves and the desire to be seen as powerful and successful. In other news, the Scholastic Book Fair has landed in our class! Over the next few days children will spend time exploring the wide range of texts on offer and put together a wish list which may then be purchased online. In celebration assembly this week Oliver was acknowledged for being able to remain focused on learning, especially since our classroom is also used as an access route for other areas of the school. An excellent learning behaviour, Oliver.


W.B 02.11.20

A big welcome back to everyone in Hawthorn class. We’ve started this half term with history and are finding out about life in the Iron Age. This topic is also linked to our English work and this week we have been learning to persuade. On Monday the children got into character and persuaded their partner to come and live in a hillfort. They were very successful and mentioned features such as the steep ramparts which protect the hillfort from attackers, the cosy beds in the roundhouses and the sense of community that comes with living in large groups. Later on in the week the children had a go at trying to sell a Celtic Roundhouse using the persuasive techniques they had learnt. Next week, when we start finding out about the Romans the children will try to persuade others to come with them to invade Britain.  Ethan, who joined our class this week, was recognised for settling in so well and working really hard. An excellent example of resilience and reach, Ethan.

W/B 12.10.20

This week, amongst lots of other things, we have been taking the time to think about harvest. Whilst we can’t come together as a community and observe this festival in the church, the children did assemble on the playground in their bubbles and at the appropriate distance to perform their harvest class piece. Hawthorns have been learning about sound and were interested to find out more about how people who cannot hear sound communicate. In our video,  as well as singing, the children use Makaton to sign the words to ‘Let’s Harvest’. In Celebration Assembly this week Joshua was recognised for the hard work he has put in to making sure his handwriting is neat and legible. Well done Josh.


W/B 05.10.20

This week we concluded our work on sound. We found out how sound is measured and used a decibel meter to record sounds. We investigated how to block sounds by covering a sound source in different fabrics. We also learnt about how sound travels through air and why we can’t hear sounds as well when we move further away from the source. We have started learning about explanation texts in English and are using the model text ‘How do volcanoes erupt?’ to help us. As a fun way to start this topic we made our own exploding volcanoes with baking soda and vinegar. In this week’s celebration assembly we focused on things we’ve found challenging. Well done to both Ava and Henry who received certificates for being great learning partners and always working cooperatively.

W/B 28.09.20

This week Hawthorns started a new science topic: sound. We spent time exploring how sounds are created and how they travel in group activity stations. The first showed how vibrations are produced when sound is made by putting birdseed on a drum, then hitting it. We found out that sound travels through liquid by striking a tuning fork and putting it in water. This also demonstrated that sound travels in waves. We discovered that sound travels through solid objects by attaching string to a wire coat hanger, wrapping the string around our fingers, placing our fingers in our ears and knocking the coat hanger against the table. We could hear the sound we made really clearly! We also investigated how changing the size and shape of objects changes the pitch of the sound they produce through exploration with a range of different musical instruments. Finally, we experimented with pitch by making our own straw oboe instruments and observed how changing the length of the straw altered the pitch of the sound it produced. We’ve got lots more to find out about sound next week. In this week’s celebration assembly we focused on making progress and how our work shows we’ve improved. Congratulations to Finley who demonstrated reach and resilience across the curriculum by giving all learning opportunities his very best effort.


W/B 21.09.20

We’ve had a busy week finishing our earthquakes topic in geography. We compared the damage inflicted on Haiti and Chile when earthquakes hit both countries in 2010 and found out that earthquakes affect poorer countries much more than richer ones. Buildings being built too close together, lack of high quality construction materials and limited healthcare provision all have an enormous impact on the damage that earthquakes cause. We also found out this week that earthquakes and volcanoes are often found in the same locations and tracked the journey of a volcano from start to finish. Our storyboards for this can be seen below. Elsewhere we’ve been carrying on with place value in maths and are currently innovating our conquering the monster stories, adding in effective dialogue for both our monster and hero. In celebration assembly this week we discussed successes we’ve had in our work and reflected on what that looks like and how it feels. Congratulations to Ellie who demonstrated resourcefulness across the curriculum by becoming increasingly independent.


W/B 14.09.20

This week in Hawthorns class we have been spending time looking at how speech is used in stories and have had a go at writing and punctuating dialogue that we had written ourselves. In maths we’ve been revisiting place value and have worked confidently with 3 and 4 digit numbers. We’ve also been finding out a lot about earthquakes and have used New Zealand as the focus for this topic. We’ve observed the impact on people that earthquakes can have, how many earthquakes New Zealand has had over the years and why so many earthquakes happen there by looking in depth at the plates and fault lines that make up the Earth’s crust. Next week we’ll find out why it’s not always the biggest earthquakes that cause the most damage. In celebration assembly this week we reflected on the last two weeks of learning and discussed how we approach challenging tasks. A huge well done to Flynn who displayed two of our school values: reach and resilience this week in his maths work.

W/B 07.09.20

The long awaited return to school is  finally underway and what a lovely week it has been! Well done to all of the children in Hawthorns class for coming back to school with such enthusiasm and positivity. We’ve spent a lot of time this week getting reacquainted and have had fun playing some ‘get to know you’ games. We’ve also enjoyed learning about the modern artist Paul Klee. We’ve found out more about colour theory, spent time mixing and making colours and  created tints by adding white paint. We’ve made a large scale class painting, and have explored Klee’s love of animals and nature by recreating his famous ‘Cat and Bird’ painting. All in all, a productive and enjoyable start to the year.



W/C 30th November

This week marked the start of our final Talk for Writing unit for the year: a conquering the monster tale featuring characters from ‘The Hobbit’. We began with a drama session and some ‘hot seating’ in which the children explored various characters’ movements and speech patterns. Turns out we have some wonderful actors in class and some terrifying Gollums! ‘I am proud of my drama and English because everyone loved my Gollum impressions.’ Noah

In PE, Willow class put together the moves they have learnt so far in an impressive breakdancing ‘battle’. As requested, ALL dance videos have been uploaded for the children to view!! ‘I am proud of my breakdancing because at first I didn’t want to take part in a battle but by the end I wanted to go again and again!’ Erin ‘I am proud of my breakdancing because I have improved my dancing and I have performed in a battle.’ George

In celebration/reflection assembly, Bella, Zachary and Owen were celebrated for their hard work on TT Rockstars; George was acknowledged for consistently reaching high standards in maths and for showing resilience during a particularly tricky perimeter challenge; and Barney and Bella received their gold star badges for reaching 100 Class Dojos! Fantastic work, Willows!

Finally, to acknowledge the start of the Christmas season the children had fun decorating their classroom whilst listening to Christmas songs. Tis the season to be jolly!!

W/C 23rd November 2020

We have continued developing our understanding of evolution and inheritance by publishing our explanation texts on Natural Selection and the peppered moth. The texts were incredibly challenging as the pupils were expected to show off their scientific knowledge as well as their English skills: using a range of conjunctions, relative clauses, parenthesis and the passive voice. The children did an absolutely amazing job, and a selection of their work can be found below.

’My favourite learning activity this week was English because making an explanation text was fun and challenging.’ Zachary

In art, Willows completed their Graffiti projects by creating their own stencil art. The children learnt how to use craft knives safely and accurately, carefully cutting out their stencils before painting in layers to create some very colourful patterns.

‘I am proud of my art this week because we were doing stencils which I found hard, but I managed it in the end.’ Owen

In reflection/celebration assembly the children discussed the week’s learning: ‘I know I am doing well in my timestables because yesterday I almost finished and only had 3 left. I felt very proud of myself.’ Evy; ‘In breakdancing I am working hard to improve my backspins to see if I can go faster.’ Alfie; ‘In maths I am working hard to improve my knowledge of how to compare fractions by finding the lowest common multiples of the denominators.’ James; Excellent reflections! Congratulations were offered to Bella, Noah and Erin for their timestables work, to Elspie for her virtual book review, and to Evy for showing reach, resourcefulness and resilience in her approach to learning this week! Well done to all!


W/C 16th November 2020

This week, in maths, the Y5s have been learning about multiples, factors and prime numbers and have been creating arrays to support their understanding of these concepts. The Y6s have worked hard to understand the order of operations, including the use of brackets and indices, before moving on to mental calculations and reasoning from known facts. ‘I am working hard to improve my mental maths skills, so I can calculate more quickly,’ James. ‘I am improving the way I work, to be more systematic, when finding factors,’ Erin.

In music, Willows are revising their knowledge of rhythm and pulse and have started rehearsing Bon Jovi’s Living on a Prayer. As well as singing, the children will work together in small groups to write their own compositions to accompany the song – on glockenspiels – very rock and roll! They will also learn to read and write music using standard notation.

In our reflection/celebration assembly this week the children were asked to consider the areas in which they would like to improve. As always, the children were focused and thoughtful with their answers: ‘In guided reading I am working hard to improve my summaries by sticking to key information’; In art I am working hard to improve my stencil designs’; In PE  I am working hard to improve my breakdancing routine to make it more entertaining’; In English I am working hard to improve my relative clauses’. What an insight into the hard work and determination of the pupils in Willow class.

Finally this week, congratulations were offered to Bella, William and Erin for their achievements on TT Rockstars; to William for his bookworm review of Amelia Fang; and to Lola, for her resourcefulness in becoming an ever increasingly independent learner and for reaching exceptionally high standards across all subjects, and in French, Music and Guided Reading in particular this week. Well done Willows!



11th November 2020

This week, we combined science with English by beginning explanation texts about Natural Selection. First, we conducted an experiment in which the children pretended to be the finches of the Galapagos Islands. They were given a range of ‘beaks’ and a limited amount of ‘food’: competition for resources was fierce and only a limited number of birds would survive! The ‘finches’ scrambled to eat the wriggly worms (rubber bands), seeds (lentils), nuts (marbles), insects (tooth-picks) and bugs (pasta) and found that certain beaks were more suited to certain foods. By the end of the experiment, the children realised that each island, each with its own different food source, eventually became dominated by one variation of finch: the one with the beak best suited to its environment. What a discovery! And, as one of the children said, ‘Natural selection is easy to understand! And we’re much younger than Charles Darwin was when he found this out!’

In Computing, the children have been learning about the internet and the world wide web. This week, they were tasked with creating a model to show their understanding. Many resources were gathered and arranged on the playground, showing the network of computers that make up the internet – and how the world wide web works within that network. ‘I have learnt that nearly everything online can be accessed via hyperlinks’ Barney

In celebration assembly, congratulations were given to Bella, Alfie and Barney for their work on TT Rockstars; and James was celebrated for consistently showing all 4 Rs in his behaviour and approach to learning. Great job, children!


W/c 2nd November 2020

Work has begun on two new topics: Evolution and inheritance and ancient Maya.

In science we had a visitor from the Water Mills and Marshes project helping us kick start our evolution topic by investigating the adaptations of animals and plants of the Norfolk Broads. As part of the investigations, the children were tasked with adapting things that float, to make them sink; and things that sink, to make them float! ‘My favourite activity this week was learning about adaptation and how the animals are adapted to survive on water.’ Elspie

In history, we spent an afternoon immersed in ancient Mayan culture. We played Pok-a-Tok: a ball game in which only thighs and hips were used to pass the ball. We practised the necessary skills before diving into a game, but we refrained from executing the losing team!! ‘I really enjoyed Pok-a-tok. It was great to see how the ancient Maya played and how they used this as an alternative to war!’ Evy

After Pok-a-Tok, we enjoyed a warm cup of Mayan hot chocolate, complete with cinnamon and chilli powder! ‘My favourite activity this week was drinking the Mayan hot chocolate!’ Myah

We also enjoyed touching and handling a range of Mayan artefacts, discussing what the objects may have been used for, and what they reveal about Mayan culture.

Finally, in celebration assembly, congratulations were given to Evy, William and Bella for their work on TT Rockstars; Myah took home the certificate for bookworm assembly; and Elspie worked super hard, showing great reach in her science work and respect to her classmates by giving a helping hand to a friend in need! A great start to the half term, Willows! Well done!

w/c 12th October 2020

As part of our seasonal celebrations, Willows researched the different ways that harvest is acknowledged around the world. We then took time to give thanks for the food we eat and the people who take it from farm to fork. The children presented their work to the rest of the school in our harvest assembly which they recreated here, on video, to share with you.

Congratulations this week to Bella, Owen and Erin for their hard work on Times Tables Rockstars; to Lola for attaining the gold star for reaching 100 dojos; and to Erin for showing respect and reach in everything she does! Great job Willows!


w/c 5th October 2020

Please be introduced to this year’s chair and vice chair of the school council: Bella and James. Several Y6 children stood for election, giving rousing speeches. Congratulations to them all for their confidence of delivery and for their inspiring words!

This week in Talk for Writing, Willows started learning about discussion texts. To ‘warm up’ the text type, we split into two groups to participate in a formal debate about the pros and cons of eating chocolate for breakfast. Whilst competitiveness was evident between the teams, the children listened well to each other and gave well-researched, informed responses in their counter arguments.

Finally, congratulations to Erin and Owen for attaining a silver star for their Dojos; to Myah, Noah and Bella for their achievements on Times Tables Rockstars; and to Zachary for his enthusiastic and well-reasoned contributions to class discussions across all subjects! Phew! What a fabulous bunch!

w/c 28th September 2020

Having previously planned their science experiments, Willow class were finally let loose to conduct them! The children worked together in small groups to test their predictions about shadows and learnt that a shadow becomes larger when the distance between a light source and an object is increased.

In Talk for Writing, the children completed their first ‘hot task’ writing their own ‘spin off’ inspired by the character of Hatty from ‘Tom’s Midnight Garden‘. Their work is proudly displayed in class for all to enjoy.

In celebration assembly, we focused on the challenges we faced in our work this week and how we might overcome these next time:

‘Something I found challenging this week was completing the science experiment on time. Next time, I will choose equipment that is quicker to set up so I can finish earlier’ – William.

‘I found it difficult to finish my story on time. Next time, I will stop and edit my work after each paragraph, rather than leaving it all to the end, so I can manage my time better.’ – Evy

Finally, congratulations to Bella, Elspie and Alfie for their work on TT Rockstars; to Elspie and Erin for the inspiring book review; and to Myah for reaching so high with her English work! Great job Willows!


w/c 21st September 2020

This week, Willows worked in small groups and planned their own scientific studies to find out how a light source’s distance from an object will affect its shadow. The children considered the principles of fair testing to ensure their research would be reliable, and they discussed the most effective ways to record scientific data. Next week they will conduct their research and find out if their predictions are correct. In Talk for Writing we explored the budding friendship of Tom and Hatty from ‘Tom’s Midnight Garden’ by writing our own version of ‘a day in the life’ of the pair. In PE the children honed their cricket skills in a ‘Striking and Fielding’ session with Pro-Coach, and we continued our journey along the timeline of heavy rock music by watching and evaluating Queen’s performance at Live Aid. In celebration assembly we reflected on our learning in maths and identified what went well and areas that need a little more work. Bella, Evy and Noah set the bench marks and earnt themselves a place in the TT Rockstars Hall of Fame; William was awarded the bookworm certificate for his review of ‘The House With Chicken Legs’ and Bella and William (again!) were awarded certificates for displaying Resourcefulness, Reach, Resilience and Respect this week! Keep up the great work, Willows!


w/c 14th September 2020

It has been a busy week in Willow class and the children have done an exceptional job of keeping up with the fast pace! We worked on expanded noun phrases to make our writing more interesting; tackled the place value of numbers up to 10,000,000; created line graphs on Excel to communicate geographical data; learnt and performed Roald Dahl poems in acknowledgment of Roald Dahl day and listened to Led Zeppelin to kick start our learning about the history of Rock/Metal music! In science, the children used spools of wool to create human light models demonstrating their learning about the way light enables us to see. The children remembered to show the ray of light as one continuous straight line coming from the light source, reflecting off an object and straight into a person’s eyes. Finally, congratulations to Noah and Barney who were celebrated for displaying all 4 of the 4 ‘R’s in class this week! Great job Willows!

w/c 7th September 2020

What a pleasure it is to have a classroom filled with children again! It has been a jammed packed week and I am so impressed with the children’s behaviour and attitudes: they have given EVERYTHING their absolute best shot and have taken to their new routines swimmingly. Well done Willows! This week, in addition to having a good old ‘catch up’ with one another – we immersed ourselves in ‘Tom’s Midnight Garden’ and enjoyed some friendly online battles on TT Rockstars. In science, we conducted experiments testing the theory that light travels in straight lines: the children switched off the lights and used torches, hose pipes and mirrors to investigate.



4th December 2020

This week has been very busy. We have been practicing for our Christmas surprise and are looking forward to sharing it with you.

We have also started a new model text in Talk for Writing. We have learnt about how to look after our pets and made posters, then linked this to discussing whether animals should be used in war.

On Friday afternoon we started our textiles project where we planned and designed a felt Christmas decoration before starting to making it. Those who weren’t sewing enjoyed making some Christmas bunting and paper chains to add some festive cheer to the classroom.

27th November 2020

In science this week, we have had lots of fun looking at the properties of different materials. We discussed what we thought would be the best materials to build a house from. We watched the story of the 3 little pigs and made our own houses. We talked about what was needed in order for it to be a fair test. Then the wolf (a hair drier) blew on each house to test how strong they were.  We recorded how long each house stayed up for and what damage was made. Then we collated the results into a bar graph.

Our special certificates this week go to Daisy for fantastic work in phonics and writing and Mannix for demonstrating an excellent attitude to learning in all areas of the curriculum. Well done.

20th November 2020

This week has been anti bullying week and we have spent time thinking about what makes us different and why that should be celebrated. We discussed why we were wearing odd socks and showed them off! After that we designed our own unique socks to show it’s cool to be different. We then went on to talk about what we should do if we feel sad or we are worried that someone may be bullying us.  We discussed what bullying means and looked at different scenarios about what may or may not be bullying. We all agreed that the best thing to do is to tell an adult or a friend if we are feeling upset about anything.

Chestnuts have also been learning their numbers to 20 in French and had lots of fun playing BINGO to practice!

This week Senan has showed great resilience, he has put on a brave face when things haven’t quite gone his way and has earnt himself the special certificate. Well done Senan!

13th November 2020

Chestnuts have started learning about warning tales and have been looking at the story of ‘Stubby’ about a soldier who took a dog he befriended to war even though he was warned against it. As part of our learning we have made war shelters and listened to sounds from a war zone so we could think about what it might have felt like for the soldiers.

We have been making the most of the great weather this week and in outdoor learning we created some natural art, using leaves and twigs to make animals and people.

Our special certificates this week go to Ella and Penny for fantastic work in maths. Year 1  and 2 have been looking at addition and subtraction. Year 1 have used resources to help them work out subtraction calculations and year 2 have begun to learn how to use column method for addition and subtraction of two digit numbers.

6th November 2020

This first week back has been a busy one, the children started their new history topic learning about the war and the importance of animals is in the war. We made wreaths from Autumn leaves and wrote poems about why animals should be remembered too!

Reception have enjoyed Halloween themed learning, making skeletons with shells, rocks and pumpkin seeds as well as painting pumpkins and completing spooky maths.

Our special certificates this week, go to Edward for super phonics and reading and to Alex for persevering with his writing. Well done.

16th October 2020

This week we have celebrated Harvest Festival, although we were unable to be together in church we all still had fun celebrating and are keen to show you what we have done. We talked about what harvest means and linked this to our RE topic of looking at kindness as well as how important our friends are to us.  It was lovely to watch a video that the vicar prepared for us all about Harvest afterwards. Thank you for all your donations for Norwich foodbank, we know they will be greatly received.

9th October 2020

We have started a new Talk for Write text. We are looking at instruction writing and started the week by following instructions and making our own sandwiches. We learnt to spread the butter in a sideways motion and measure a spoonful of jam to put onto our sandwich. Finally we cut our sandwiches into halves then quarters before we enjoyed eating them.

We also looked at where our fruit comes from in geography and got to taste 10 different fruits. We then ranked them from our favourite to our least favourite and were able to see which was the most popular. The class studied the world maps and looked carefully for the different countries that our fruit comes from. We then learnt all about how bananas are grown, harvested, packaged and exported for us to enjoy.


Finally, our special certificate this week goes to Oliver S, he has put in an incredible amount of effort with his handwriting and presentation in all areas and we are seeing the results. Well done Oliver.

2nd October 2020

This week Chestnuts have had lots of fun learning about dairy farming and how cheese is made. We then used cheese to make cheese puffs and tasted them and they were delicious.

We have also written our own wishing tale based on Avocado Baby. The children made changes to their story and came up with some wonderful ideas. All the children’s handwriting has improved and we are very proud of them.

The Reception children have been learning all about the rainforest and the animals that live there, they have painted wildlife and made tall trees with different materials.

Our special certificate goes to Oran this week for fantastic work in all subjects and a great attitude to learning! Keep it up, well done Oran.

25th September 2020

This week Chestnuts have continued the Avocado Baby story, they have learnt it and are retelling it with actions. They have changed parts of the build up, problem and resolution to have Avocado baby use his strength in other ways. In science they have been learning about forces and have been making and testing ramps to see who can make a car travel the furthest.

In Reception they have had fun completing challenges linked to the Avocado baby story and particularly enjoyed making an obstacle course to keep the baby fit.

This week our certificate goes to Lee for fantastic work in phonics and writing. Well done!

18th September 2020

This week Chestnut class have had fun starting their new learning about Avocado baby. They kicked off the start of the week by having strong boy/girl competitions, including tug of war, arm wrestling and weight lifting. They then mapped out and leant the story of Avocado baby. Reception have explored how to construct with different materials and have created some fantastic vehicles for travelling in. They thought carefully about what materials would be best for the job, how to make them strong and could they get them to roll.

This week our celebration certificate goes to Toby for fantastic work in maths, when learning about tens and ones.


11th September 2020

Chestnut class have had a lovely relaxed start back to school life, with children exploring their environments and getting to know one another again. We have carried out informal assessments to find out where the children are with their learning, along side some fun creative activities. Much fun was had using the parachute to get to know others likes. We would just like to say thank you to everyone for making it such a successful transition back into school, the children have all been super stars!

During our celebration assembly, reception received certificates for settling into school life so well. We look forward to seeing you all next week. Mrs Barnes, Mrs Spurgeon and Mrs Inwards.




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