Sports Premium



PE and Sport Premium Plan 2020-2021 – Spring

Surlingham Primary Schools and Rockland St Mary Primary School

Main objective;

To ensure all pupils leave primary school physically literate and with the knowledge, skills and motivation necessary to equip them for a healthy, active lifestyle and lifelong participation in physical activity and sport.

School objectives;

  • To deliver high quality PE and school sports sessions
  • To continuing raising the profile of PE within all areas of the curriculum
  • To make use of specialist coaches to deliver sessions, upskilling staff where possible, and providing children high quality experiences of sporing skills
  • To increase the use of assessment within PE sessions by a combined agreement of both sports coaches and staff
  • enable children from across the schools to participate in regular intra and inter school sports events
  • To celebrate all PE and sport events with the local community via the school website, newsletters and social media
  • To create a sustainable improvement to the schools PE provision and to be able to account for the use of the money

Funding for the Year 2020-2021

Surlingham Primary School:  £16,851

Evidencing the Impact of the Primary PE and Sport Premium Template 2020 – NEW version for summer 1 (002)






Actions to be taken Aut 20 Spr 21 Sum 21 Cost Planned outcome of action Monitoring who, how Evaluation

Increase participation at sports events




Cross Country  (Yr 1/2/3/4/5/6)

Athletics           (Yr 3/4/5/6)




(Yr 1/2)


All Events in the Autumn term are virtual. This means they are taking place in school within created bubbles. Results are all given in and shared with the ‘Norfolk School Games’ Co-ordinator


Events TBC


Events TBC


All events come at no cost due to being virtual


Some equipment may be purchased for RSM to complete the events– will update as necessary

To participate in a range of different sports for all age ranges across the school.  To include both competitive and team opportunities. TB and class teachers that attend – providing appropriate feedback on the events TBC after events
Opportunities to try out unseen sports such as archery, skiing, trampolining, climbing





TBC  as and when government Guidance allows TBC as and when government guidance allows TBC


To allow opportunities for children to experience a range of sporting experiences, that they may not have previously experienced. These will be progression based activities, to progress the skill over a period of weeks, with the hope children will enjoy and continue the sport or similar sports in the future. TB and Class teachers that attend TBC after events
Regularly updating website, social media, class blogs and PE display boards


Photos of children participating in Autumn School games events/ Just Dance sessions / Mile Run TBC TBC N/A To celebrate our achievements to both prospective parents and the current community showing development of our School PE aims and objectives TB to ask teachers for regular photos/achievements of children in each class. Parent Survey to be sent out before Christmas
Increase participation in physical exercise for those who do not normally attend weekly clubs;

– Multi sports Club (encouraging new joiners)

– Daily Mile Run

– Just Dance Sessions

– Karate Club

– Curriculum based physical activity

Multisports – Thursday After School


Karate – Tuesday After School


Just Dance – (3-4 times a week in KS1)


Mile run/Skipping  (2-3 times a week – When appropriate space is available


Tag Rugby After school

Club TBC Club TBC Tag Rugby: £270 To raise participation rates for all children, but those targeted specifically because they show less interest – to sow a seed of interest in them and long term, help them see the benefits of sports and exercise. Children will be encouraged to take leadership roles and other sports roles too. TB to kick start Just Dance/Mile Run/Skipping campaign


Pro-Coach lessons to be monitored by class teachers and TB



COVID physical exercise survey to be done with children.
To make use of specialist coaches to deliver sessions, upskilling staff where possible, and providing children high quality experiences of a range of sporting skills Pro coach for all year groups at least once a week


Kay Turner @ RSM Yr 3/4/5/6

Pro coach for all year groups at least once a week


Pro coach for all year groups at least once a week


Pro Coach invoice Autumn Term 1: £630 To enhance both confidence and subject knowledge within staff by team-teaching alongside Pro-coach where possible. Providing high-quality taught PE lessons that enthuse and excite children about both physical sporting skills and educating them on leadership and sporting roles. TB to monitor alongside Teacher feedback Pupil voices on pro-coach sessions to be completed before Christmas
Purchase new PE resources as necessary


Staff/pro-coach to have regular conversations about resources needed.


RSM to order equipment needed for Autumn events (TBC)

Staff/pro-coach to have regular conversations about resources needed. Staff/pro-coach to have regular conversations about resources needed. TBC



To make appropriate use of all P.E. equipment,  allowing children to experience a range of sport equipment in both PE lesson and break times (As and when government guidelines allow). TB and staff to keep regular check on resources needed and quality of resources in school
Additional swimming award for year 6 in summer term – life skills award
Catch up swimming lessons if necessary

(TBC with COVID Guidelines)

Life skills award Bronze/Silver Gold for year 5/6

(TBC with COVID guidelines)

TBC Catch up swimming lessons are designed to support those children who are not currently meeting the 25 metre recommendation by the government. This allows extra support with smaller numbers in order to achieve the goal.

The life skills award will be provided for those children already confidently achieving the 25m by the time they reach year 5/6

TB to monitor children meeting requirement and adjust lessons accordingly Staff to provide feedback on swimming lessons and children’s ability
1 Day per term for release time (or 2 afternoons) X2 afternoons X2 afternoons X2


TBC – supply cost Time to develop the P.E. curriculum, monitor schemes already in place and support staff in P.E. lessons as necessary. TB to record use of time and link targets to each session completed
Continue to provide and enhance the outdoor learning sessions for each class 2 hours per week for approximately half of the year. Swapped between classes at RSM and SPS each half term Swapped between classes at RSM and SPS each half term Swapped between classes at RSM and SPS each half term Staffing costs: £5,286.24


Resources :


To provide an enriched environment that gives children opportunities to activities that they may not have access to within their home environment. These activities encourage children to use skills they have already developed in the classroom but within an active outside environment where they are able to take safe risks. These sessions will also offer an introduction to different team building and sports activities that we endeavour to inspire children to continue a healthy lifestyle outside of the school environment.


TB to monitor through feedback and regular chats with session leader. Pupil voice of outdoor learning sessions to be completed before Christmas
To promote leadership roles within children and sporting activities Due to COVID  and the creation of bubbles year 5/6 are going to undertake a ‘Competition Leadership Award’ They will be in charge of different roles when undertaking their own ‘School games events’



Leadership bubble training COIVD depending Play leader qualification Competition Leadership Award: No cost

Leadership Bubble Training: No Cost

Play Leader Training: TBC

This is an excellent opporitunity to engage more and different young people into both leadership roles and sporting activities. These resources are designed to develop leadership skills, organisation skills, self-esteem and team work, all essential life skills. TB to Monitor as they are undertaken Pupil voice on awards/training as and when completed
Total Money spent as of 12/10/2020


Surlingham: £3,219.12



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